May 30, 2012

Moving Day

Great news, we're moving!! This weekend my husband and I will be moving into a new place of our own. Therefore, my brain is buzzing with color palettes, textures, DIY projects, and design ideas! 

The kitchen has my full attention, I love to cook and over all spend a lot of time in there. Our new one has plenty of room which I'm excited about. I want the feel to be eclectic, warm and inviting with traditional Mexican inspiration. In our old place I had a lot of red, black and white all over, including the kitchen. It became too predictable and boring. Three years later my style has changed I want to sale some of the stuff I no longer like and replace it with new more exciting pieces. See this post for the color palette I'm going with!

I'm excited to post about the process so bear with me the next couple months :) 

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