June 27, 2010

{Prop Stylist}

"What fascinates me about personal style is that we can all share what we love yet no two people’s individual aesthetics are alike. It’s amazing that everyone draws inspiration from such a broad spectrum of sources mixed with personal experience that adds nuance. Sharing something that will delight someone else is what drives me as an image-maker."

 {photos via A Little Sussy}
The above quote from prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris from her interview found here is exactly how I feel about styling (and art and beauty) That passion to share what you love is such a great motivator. I have recently found that prop styling is actually a career! And I couldn't be any more thrilled. I have always loved design and art and this job brings those two things together. Having an eye for symmetry, composition, texture, and balance doesn't always come easily to everyone so art directors and photographers rely on prop stylists to help them out. This would be a dream job! 

I plan on hopefully being able to intern with an event planner here to gain some knowledge of the industry and learn the ropes. Recently I've had some creative freedom with the beauty shoots I worked on. It's so fun to be able to  source and shop for backdrops, props, and food for our shoots. I discovered something that I have always naturally gravitated towards but wasn't sure was an actual career option.
{These are just a few of the types of things I'd like to style}
Prop styling I feel , is on a different scale, you work alongside other contributors and on varying shoots from fashion to food photography. You work as part of a team, gathering ideas and inspiration from the mood and story of the shoot. I love that. Here is another interview {via A little Sussy} of prop stylist Kendra Smoot that I learned a lot from as well. 

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