July 7, 2010

{Marie Antoinette: Gift Wrap}

Well I'm back from my sweet little vacation in Orange County. I went to give my best friend of 18 years a surprise visit for her 25th birthday. Both her boyfriend and I wanted this birthday to be a memorable one so he flew me down to be her gift! I had so much fun planning things for us to do and places to go the week I was in town. Including Disneyland, sushi dinners, and shopping of course.

I used Marie Antoinette as my inspiration for wrapping her gifts. I used light pink and gold scroll wrapping paper, brown and white satin ribbon, pink rhinestone embellishments, a delicate cameo charm, and a peacock feather accent. I created a handmade card using heavyweight card stock, the same wrapping paper as a banner and a pretty mounted scrapbooking sticker that I embellished with her initial and more pink rhinestones. Suffecient to say I had fun wrapping her gifts and making the card. Because presentation should be just as much part of the gift :)

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