January 28, 2012

Eclectic Kitchen Inspiration

I love an eclectic kitchen. A mix of collectibles, knick-knacks and your favorite kitchen gadgets make an inviting atmosphere. Here are some ways you can make you kitchen more home-y, welcoming, and a little piece of self-expression.

Presentation: Put all your dishes, bottles, spices, and servingware on display!

World-Traveler: Collect pieces from different cultures to give your kitchen a fusion of flavor, color, and textures.  

 All that Glitters: Gold flatware is in this year! It adds sparkle to any kitchen and is a nice change from the daily silverware. 
It'll make you feel extra fancy during your morning cereal. 

Spring is in the Air: Florals are delicate, colorful and textural. They can be an instant pick me up for any kitchen space, big or small.  

Mix & Match: Patterns, prints, colors and textures look great all mixed together. How ever light or heavy the eclectic feel, is up to you.

Have fun with it and try to capture that happy feeling you get when you cook for others in the kitchen. 


tksutton said...

I am obsessed with gold flatware!!! I need to find some for the holidays asap.



Stuckee said...

You have exactly my same tastes!! Love the plates, especially the single pic one!! Where did you find it?

saffe said...

Wow its informative post thanks for sharing it

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