September 6, 2011

Pretty Pleated Pinwheels Decor

via Style Me Pretty (this link has DIY steps)

I'm really loving pleated paper pinwheels for special occasion decor. I've come across them in my bridal shower planning and I will definitely be incorporating them! Pinwheels can be made from fabris, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper and paper doilies. There are plenty of creative ways to use them, they can be hung, used as a back drop for a dessert bar or glued onto skewers to be used as cake toppers or signage. How cute are the button and little monogram letter centers? I'm so excited to shop for all the crafting supplies and make some darling decor. If you're looking to make these pinwheels for an event here's a how-to at Ruffled. I'll be posting more bridal shower decor ideas soon!

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

So lovely and the tutorial is just what I need! x

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