September 23, 2011

Bridal Shower: DIY Decor Ideas

Hey girls, I know I've been away for a few days but I've been crafting up a pretty bundle of things for the bridal shower. I thought I'd share a sneak peek of just some of the decor I've made so far. As you all know the color palette for my friend's bridal shower is navy, blush pink, white and grey. I'm having a blast coming up with pretty decor and sourcing props! Some things I'm basing off of inspiration I've seen online and other things are all my own ideas. I love the challenge of coming up with neat craft ideas to infuse with the bride-to-be's personality and things she loves. She loves shabby chic, French-inspired decor and romantic details so I'm trying my best to make all those things happen. All with a super girly twist of course.

I chose paper as my main material to work with. As I mentioned before with the paper pinwheels. I've made some of those as well as paper poms in different sizes and colors and bunting to match the mini one that will be the cake topper (top right). Striped paper straws with custom flags that say "Love is all you need" (bottom right) Auna's favorite quote and the motto for the shower were a must.

Crepe paper is super versatile! Turns out you can do almost anything with it. I decided to make ruffled crepe flowers as the base for brooches for each of the wedding party girls to wear at the shower (top left). I also used tulle layered on top of the crepe flowers to give it a bit of fluff and texture. Then printed the titles onto bracket labels and mounted them onto navy card stock and cut them out. I added ribbon to the Bride-to-be's brooch to set it apart.

I've also made individual dessert label cards. I bought scrapbooking paper in the color palette then measured, cut and mounted it onto folded card stock tents for durability. Then labeled them with the name of each treat. And topped it with twine tied in a bow. I can't wait to put this dessert table together! So excited.

Each of these materials are super affordable and can be bought at the dollar store or Michael's with their weekly coupons. It's a nice surprise to add custom touches to an event, it makes it that much more personal. I'll be posting more decor projects and once the shower is here I'll make sure and post finished pictures of how it all turned out!


Deila said...

These are so dang cute! I love your crafty days and ways. You really have an eye for color and creating beautiful memories.

TheHulkette said...

Cute! Thanks for this, I'm planning my sister-in-laws bridal shower/bach party. Super cute ideas!!

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