October 5, 2011

Defining Decor: Erin Fetherston's NY Apartment

Via | Vogue
“I see it as a reflection of my creative universe, It’s romantic and chic, but clean and modern," says fashion designer Erin Fetherston about her Tribeca apartment that overlooks the Hudson River. It has an undeniable old-world charm with personal touches that add a whimsical eclectic feel to her spacious yet cozy home.  
I love her home style, it's effortlessly  chic in a down-to-earth way. Understated elegance could describe it. After living in France for 5 years she was able to capture the European style she loved so much by shipping over her antique furniture once she moved to the States. The subtle blue color of the walls in her living area bring a welcoming and calming sense to the space don't you think? Those antique nesting tables are gorgeous! The clean simplicity of her bedroom and office space speak volumes for "less is more".

 Chinoiserie  touches like the lamps and silk screen in the bedroom add refined grace and sophistication in an otherwise plain room. Meanwhile, there's a structured kind of mess to her closet and dressing table. Venetian mirrors and fresh flowers on a vanity are a weakness for me.  I appreciate the mixture of textures and details within her home, the small details capture personality and add to the ambiance. You can read the full interview here, at Vogue. 


b. said...

So feminine and airy... The high ceilings, the venetian mirrors, the fresh flowers and the antique furniture…it’s all beyond perfection !

Arleene said...

I know! Wouldn't you love to live there? So dreamy.

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