January 20, 2011

Decor: Framed Silhouettes

I don't know about you guys but I have a weakness for silhouettes, especially grouped in ornate or unique frames. They can be custom-made a bunch of different ways-- using tracing paper, on a computer program, cut out from paper, embroidered, or painted. I've seen them done on cute paper doilies, on either color or print construction paper, and patterned fabric. It's a sweet way to display family members, pets, or favorite landmarks. Do you have any silhouettes in your home?

{Click for links- I unfortunately couldn't find sources for all of these}


Emily@SENSELESSsophistication said...

I LOVE all the silhouettes! I especially love the doggy ones!

Rachel said...

so glad i stumbled upon your lovely blog!(while looking for diy cupcake ornaments lol) omg i am checking out that etsy store with the shoes from your below post, right now. i am going to paris and i just want to wear these the entire time im there!
if you would like to stop by & say hello im @ www.littlegirlshinyworld.com
will be following your blog now, ive only seen a few posts and i'm in love :)

Arleene said...

Thanks Emily & Rachel, you guys are too sweet.
And omg am I jealous of your Paris trip! Have the best time:)


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