October 31, 2011

Auna-Lisa's Bridal Shower: Part 1- Drink & Dessert Table

Okay, I'm no Amy Atlas I'll be the first to admit that. But I had a great time prepping and styling the dessert table for my dear friend Auna's brunch bridal shower. For the shower I focused on polka dots, lace/flourish prints but also included stripes (in the straws, twine, water bottle labels and paper decor). I wanted it to be a bit shabby chic but also have a modern feel. I feel like the use of the midnight blue added that. The dessert table included salt water taffy, Starbuck's cake pops, meringues and pirouettes, snickerdoodles, lemon and snowball cookies made by the Mother-of-the-bride, a cupcake tower and tons of other treats. Stick out this post with me it's a lot of info (feel free to skip all the yada-yada and just soak up the pictures instead) but I know there were people who wanted to know the details, so here it goes!

I printed out the Cupcakes Make Me Happy from here and framed it in a Target frame that came out last Valentine's, I believe. I made the signage for the square thrifted frame that says Love is Sweet...take a Treat with dark blue and silver glittery polka dotted scrapbook paper, ribbon and printing out the type off Word. The font used on all the signage is Bickham Script and Century Gothic, both standar fonts on Word. These were also the ones we used on the invitation. I used "A" (for Auna) initials through out the shower, including this large one from Michael's. I got the frame from the 99 Cent Only store and inserted vintage/shabby chic images (both Auna and I love skeleton keys and crowns) I got from The Graphics Fairy backed by the same scrap book paper, also from Michael's, I used through out the shower. The other frame holds engagement pictures of the couple.
 I made the bunting that spells out Bride-to-Be with scrap book paper and grey satin ribbon. I made a triangle template to use as a stencil to cut out the same shape on different colored paper and once the letters were glued on I then lined them up flat on the ribbon and sandwiched the triangles between the ribbon, then stapled them together. If you're going to make this don't staple between where the triangles meet or it won't hang loosely. The cake bunting template download and instructions are from here. I also made all the tent treat labels with scrap book paper and printable sticker labels from Michael's, they're about $4. I also used these for the crepe flower bridal party brooches. See more of the paper goods close up here.

I covered small shipping boxes with pink lace-y/flourish print shelf paper purchased at Michael's in the $1-$1.50 section. I then used double-sided tape to attach a grey satin ribbon and bow. I did the same to empty chai spice cans that were used to hold the straws, treats and pencils for the sign-in table. These were super useful all though at the time I was making them I wasn't sure what I'd use them for I just knew they were cute. 
The trays, utensils, champagne flutes, glassware (except the cupcake tower, milk glass pedestal and cake stand) pink paper cups and small clear tongs are all from The Dollar Tree. I'm telling you girls, that is the place to shop for events! So many great little things that are clearly affordable and can have many purposes. The clear and polka dot cello treat bags are from Paper Mart, they have literally everything for parties, packaging and decorating. 
The drink table was one of our favorite tables (okay, they all were) because we really made sure to cover all the bases when it came to beverage choices. There was Pellegrino, water bottles with the custom labels I made for the bride, coffee (it hadn't yet arrived in the above photo) a full on mimosa station bar-tended awesomely by Danielle (who supplied the pretty flutes with tiny satin bows on each one), one of the lovely bridesmaids, and the most refreshing peach iced with real peaches as garnish also made by the M.O.B (as you can tell that wasn't in it's container when the picture was taken, scroll down a bit further to see it).
The grey striped paper straws (as well as the grey striped twine I used through out the shower) are from the Etsy shop, In the Clear. The customizable paper flags I made that said, "Love is all you need"came as a free template with purchase from this shop as well. It's the bride's favorite quote. I also framed the "Cafe" menu and presented it on a shabby chic frame propped on a pretty easel. The smaller silver scroll frame (from Michael's, sold as a set of two for $3) read "Enjoy a Drink". 
This is neither part of the dessert nor drink table but was definitely a yummy part of the italian buffet that included two different kinds of quiche, italian sausage and peppers and potato salad. Fresh fruit and loads of breakfast pastries, no brunch bridal shower would be fit with out. The mother-of-the-bride insisted on making  tons of homemade delicious goodness for everyone to enjoy and we did! Check out that happy little pumpkin spice bundt cake!
This picture of Danielle and Jessyca is way cute, the cork had just flown above their heads in an unknown direction. 
Lots of bubbly toasting, cheering and sipping with our fancy straws, it was a blast!


Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

aw how sweet. I hope you had fun with your gal pals xoxo

stevenjared0853 said...

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