July 9, 2011

Defining Decor: Bold Black & White Graphic

There's something so simply chic about black and white in interior design. It's accommodating to different styles and tastes and no one can debate that it doesn't look good. Black and white is my go-to combo for just about everything from my wardrobe to my home, I just absolutely love the contrast. It's go bold or go home when it comes to decorating with this color combination. A pop of a bright third color really adds to a space making it playful but still sophisticated. Here are examples of how bold black and white graphics can be used to define your style. {I don't have credits for the above images except the one that is noted, please comment with the credit if you happen to know it}

A graphic rug or cushion can be added to any space to give it a bold look and add dimension. Rug from here and cushion from here. I love the look of black piping or trimming on bedding and furniture too. My favorite design style for using bold black and white graphic decor and design is Hollywood Regency, there's nothing like it.

1 comment:

Deila said...

I love this black and white with one color.

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