March 9, 2011

DIY: Make your own milk glass

[Image & project via P.S.- I Made This...}
What a great idea for making your own milk glass! I recently took to scouring the local thrift stores every so often to build my milk glass collection that right now mostly consists of long-neck vases and one pretty pedestal. My husband and I occasionally house-sit for a darling couple and I couldn't help but notice her extensive collection of the pretty glass practically stacked on top of each other in a credenza in her dining room. I'm seriously considering asking to please be paid in milk glass next time. I don't know what it is about this type of opaque glass that draws me to it but I know I want lots of it! By spray painting glass that has or hasn't been decorated with puffy paint, your option, you can mimic milk glass quite easily. Let each high gloss coat dry completely and make sure to spray lightly and evenly. That's it!
{Image via my Pinterest| no source}

Do you collect milk glass? Or any other type of porcelain, colored glass or china?

1 comment:

angela said...

those are really cute! Great job! I saw another tutorial that has you put diluted latex paint on the inside of the glass, but you don't have the ability to add all the texture! Love these!

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