February 26, 2011

Color Palette: Rainbow Confetti

{Image via SMP| Rue}

This party shoot looks like a blast! It's all about having some colorful, glittery, girly fun. Don't you wish every day was a celebration? I figure if I work some more bright colors and glittery pieces in my wardrobe it'll add instant sunshine to my day...That, and some fun makeup of course. Nothing chases away the dull, stuck-in-a-rut, blahs like brightly painted lips, flirty lashes and a shiny mani!
Have a fun weekend!


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Rainbows make me oh so happy and what a FUN, colorful post this is! Lovely blog!

Liesl :)

Arleene said...

Thanks! Yes, these colors make me smile.

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