February 21, 2011

Baby Love

It seems as though everyone lately has been in baby-mode. Well, girls at least. There are just so many cute things for babies lately that I guess our maternal instincts er, should I say shopping instincts are taking over. Baby blogs, perfectly styled baby showers, adorable baby clothes, and not to mention nursery re-designs, have become the "it" thing. I've stumbled upon some myself that I can't help but follow. So what if a girl's not pregnant, that's why there's a nesting phase. Here is one of my favorites blogs of the moment. This is most likely going to turn in to a series, there are so many lovely things, so stay tuned.

{Images via Lay Baby Lay}
Lay Baby Lay is a new blog where the author styles rooms based off of readers requests and color palettes. She has fantastic taste and a great eye for color and design. The middle nursery is her own, so lovely.


Amy Kelly said...

I've seen that second group of photos around before and I just adore that nursery! The hubby and don't plan to start a family for a few more years, but this is one of my favorite inspirations. The painted dresser reminds me very much of one I had in my room growing up (though mine wasn't such a lovely shade of gray).

Arleene said...

I know isn't that grey just perfect? I like that it's a neutral color so that it can be moved around for redecorating. Thanks for the follow back btw!

Amy Kelly said...

Of course, I adore your blog and am glad to have found it! I'm a sucker for painted dressers. I think they are so fun and can really liven up a space.

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