December 17, 2010

Color Palette: French Pastry Themed Nursery

 I designed this color palette for my dear friend Sydney who is pregnant and planning to style her nursery themed after French pastries. Delicious idea, I know! Lucky girl got to study abroad in France, so she's tasted first-hand all the treats that serve as her inspiration.  I couldn't help but base it off of this pretty watercolor that I had in my Tumblr archive, and that she also had picked out. Can't wait to see the end result!


Jade said...

Such a lovely colour palette that you've made! Pretty watercolour poster too. You have such a great idea for these kind of pretty things x

Arleene said...

Thank you so much!
I hope to do more palettes focused on interiors and fashion as well.

Unknown said...

This color palette is soooooo awesome. I am making a website, one of my pages is a page about my travels to france. So I am trying to figure out the web color numbers for this palette.

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