September 11, 2010

Recipe: Double Chocolate Birthday Cake

I made a delicious double chocolate cake for my husband's birthday. I had read great reviews for this recipe and decided to find out if it was all it was talked up to be. And let me tell you, it was! Really chocolatey, dense, super moist...delicious. The blurry picture of the slice does it no justice at all. I topped the cake with fresh berries as well as white chocolate dipped strawberries. Get the cake recipe here. In case you get to the recipe and are wondering about using two 9 inch pans instead of 10 inch, it's ok to do so because I used 9 inch pans and the cake didn't over flow. I also made boston cream pie cupcakes from this recipe. The recipe for the cupcake filling made a lot more than I actually needed so I used the leftover to serve with the cake and everyone loved it. Hope you make this cake next time there's a birthday or just in the mood for a great chocolate cake.

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