June 13, 2010

DIY: Tea Party Ideas


I'm in the mood for a lovely tea party! A DIY Tea Party. I found some cute ideas that would be fun to do or make at a tea party, like Martha Stewart's idea for making your own teacup candles! Super cute. 
Or making your own mini donuts, awesome invention. I want one!

Oh, you could also gather a bunch of wild flowers and create your own floral arrangement in teacups, this is great if you want to have your party outdoors.

But the cutest thing I found was this Tea Cupcakes Mold set, you bake the cupcake right in these silicone teacup molds and they're ready to be decorated and served! Create a buffet of colorful sprinkles and frosting and have at it.

Hope these fun ideas help in case you're having friends over for a DIY tea party!
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