March 17, 2011

Summer Color Palette: Yellow, Orange & Pink

{Pictures link to their source}
Are you looking forward to Summer as much as I am? Can't wait to be near the beach again. Maybe this will be the Summer I finally get a beach cruiser {fingers crossed}. What do you look forward to the most?

Please remember that my blog will be silent tomorrow as part of the Bloggers Day of Silence for those lost in Japan. If you'd like to participate just follow the link above. I will be out of town visiting family & friends for the following week and won't have time to post most likely, please excuse my absence. I'll be posting again starting March 30th. Feel free to email me any suggestions for posts on design, color palettes, etc. I would love to hear from you! Please link over to For Japan with Love {also with the badge on the upper left of my sidebar} if you wish to help make a difference by donating.

Keep Japan in your heart & prayers♥


Kristina said...

I'm a freelance clothing designer and found my visit through your blog extremely inspiring! New follower, here...obviously! Can't wait ta see more...=)
Kristina J.

Arleene said...

Thanks Kristina! Glad to have you as a follower :) Your blog is great!

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