June 14, 2010

{Oh, so sweet: Peach Cupcakes}

It's crazy how much I love a deliciously ripe, fragrant summer peach...or 5. I seriously could eat them all day long, all Summer long. So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this delicious peach cupcake recipe at Smitten Kitchen. You just have to make these! They're like mini peach cobblers topped with an amazing brown sugar cream cheese frosting {that I and the rest of my family fell in love with} I'll spare you and won't even tell you how many I ate. The recipe makes 2 dozen plump cupcakes, enough to share with friends and neighbors.

P.S: In case you don't have cake flour for this recipe you can substitute all-purpose flour by using the following equivalent. For every 1 cup cake flour you need use 1 cup minus 2 Tbl sifted all-purpose flour.

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