June 6, 2010

{Food for Thought}

I've recently (since moving back to California) had the time to be able to cook and bake as much as my little heart desires due to having a lot of time on my hands...mostly due to not being employed yet, unfortunately. I have come across some pretty worthy food blogs to pass along if you haven't already heard of them or read them. They are bursting with delightful eye-candy and recipes begging for me to make. 

These blogs come in so handy whether you're bored and want to see some amazing photography/ want to satisfy a craving you've had for a while for something that you can't quite put your finger on/ or are in a jam and need something to take to a party or make for dinner. Check out my favorite food blogs on my sidebar.

My favorite that I've baked from lately is Smitten Kitchen. The author, Deb is witty and funny and includes lots of notes to help you through the recipes. The cream cheese brownies and black bottom cupcakes I made turned out exactly as I imagined...delicious.

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